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Witty F1

Cross made by: Patrina Nuske Small (Australian Summer of 2005/06)


Witty F1 is a cross between Budai (Regular Leaf), a small red-fruited dwarf, and Cherokee Green (Regular Leaf), a variation of Cherokee Purple.  We are yet to find larger fruited selections.  Most to date have been on the small side, saladette types, but with some great flavours.  We think there is more waiting to be discovered in Witty.

New Varieties arising out of this cross:
Kangaroo Paw Brown 
Kangaroo Paw Green
Kangaroo Paw Red
Kangaroo Paw Yellow

Zigzag Wattle (is currently on hold)

Sean's Yellow Dwarf - Released SH 2014


Photo by Craig LeHoullier

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