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Sneezy F1

Cross made by: Patrina Nuske Small (Australian Summer of 2005/06)


Sneezy F1 is a cross between Golden Dwarf Champion (Regular Leaf) and Green Giant (Potato Leaf).  This particular combination has produced beautiful yellow and green fruited tomatoes with tastes ranging from excellent to superb!  They often have a pink blush radiating from the blossom end like a star burst, and into the flesh.

New Varieties arising out of this cross:
Barossa Beauty (is currently on hold)
Barossa Fest (is currently on hold)
Dwarf Beryl Beauty - Released NH 2011
Dwarf Emerald Giant - Released NH 2011
Dwarf Jade Beauty - Released NH 2011, SH 2014
Dwarf Kelly Green - Released NH 2012
Dwarf Mr Snow - Released NH 2011
Dwarf Sweet Sue - Released NH 2012
Summer Sunrise - Released NH 2012
Summertime Gold - Released NH 2011, SH 2014
Summertime Green - Released NH 2011, SH 2014

Photo by Craig LeHoullier

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