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Dwarf Tomato Project seeds now available in the Southern Hemisphere
Availability of seeds will be different in the Southern Hemisphere than for releases in the Northern Hemisphere where multiple independent seed companies have taken up offers of new varieties. We have not been able to do this here in Australia to date, so selected varieties will now be available through this website, but please note that this is only for the Southern Hemisphere. Also the range of varieties will differ from those offered in the Northern Hemisphere.  Please see the relevant Project Status announcement dated September 2013 in News & Events to explain this current situation.
Quantities are limited at present.  All packets have a minimum of 20 seeds and the cost is AUS $2.50 per packet.
How to Order your Seeds
After deciding which ones you would like to purchase please send your requests via  email to chillichick@gmail.com with  your Name and Address and your seed selections.  I will reply with info regarding costs and for payment via Direct Credit or by PayPal.

Seeds Available 
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